Robert Goshen, Ph. D.

Dr. Robert Goshen is a management consultant - and co-founded Goshen & Papernick Inc. in June 1970 in New York City. He has been lead programmer/analyst for most design, programming, implementation and maintenance contracts carried out for client companies primarily banking and financial services. Major client - Chase Manhattan Bank, NA

In February 1996 he was a technical reviewer for Macmillan's new comprehensive reference publication "Oracle Unleashed". Dr. Goshen is now developing Windows based applications running on a variety of platforms. Current technologies and interests include object-oriented languages (C++, Java), graphical user interfaces (GUI's) and relational DBMS's in a client/server architecture. The heaviest emphasis is on the Oracle7 RDBMS using Power Builder or Oracle Power Objects on the front-end and Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus and Oracle Tools to prototype the application on the server.

Dr. Goshen is skilled in designing and writing stored procedures, functions, database triggers and packages for Oracle7. Work also includes developer/2000 components such as Oracle Forms, Reports, Graphics and Procedure Builder. In 1970's and 80's worked for a major financial institution mostly on large projects written in COBOL, FORTRAN or Natural and designed to run on IBM mainframes.

Dr. Goshen received his B.A., M.A. and Ph. D. in physics at Columbia University.