Mrs. Patsy Hindman

Mrs. Hindman has more than 30 years experience as a mathematician and information technology manager at a large federal government laboratory where she developed and managed software design and database applications. Her areas of expertise include personal computer operating systems, specialized word processing , spreadsheet, database, and graphics applications.

Mrs. Hindman was instrumental in enhancing the role of Information Technology at her agency. She established and managed a personal computer hardware and software support program and she expanded that program to include support for applications running on other platforms. With a staff of 35 people she was responsible for the development and maintenance of microcomputer, minicomputer, and mainframe software to support the administrative needs of the laboratory, e.g. accounting, personnel, procurement, property management, etc. She served on inter-agency task forces to foster standardization, consistency, and transferability in data base applications. She provided high quality, user-friendly support to more than 2500 technical and administrative employees at two different sites, one in Maryland and another in Colorado. The activities for which she was responsible consistently received praise.

In 1988 Mrs. Hindman was awarded her agency's Bronze Medal for outstanding contributions to the effective use of administrative applications of microcomputers.

Prior to her work with microcomputers, Mrs. Hindman was involved with operations research applications where she developed mathematical models on mainframe computers to assist in various decision making scenarios, e.g. the assignment of airplane transponder codes, deregulation of the natural gas industry, and the use of bonuses to increase quality of service.

Mrs. Hindman received a B.S. in mathematics from Mary Washington College. She is a partner in V.R. Software Co. where she developed customized commercial data base applications for small businesses. Her accomplishments reflect her emphasis on the needs of end-users and the importance of designing software applications that are truly user-friendly.